Gale College in the News

As I searched old newspapers, I came upon a couple Gale College news clippings with references to three of the five Borresons who attended in the 20s and 30s. My copies aren’t legible here, but I’ll include enough of the first to give an impression.

This photo and an accompanying article appeared in the La Crosse Tribune Friday, April 22, 1932. Here are some lines from the piece:

The vested choir of Gale College, composed of 37 voices, will be on the air Sunday, broadcasting a program of sacred music from WKBH, La Crosse. The hour is 12:30 to 1:00. Singers will appear under the direction of their leader, Adolf Saetveit….

The program…includes the following numbers: “Today There Is Ringing,” Christianson… “Glad Night,” Totaski; “King of Kings,” Semper; “Praise to the Lord,” Christianson.

My father Garven Borreson is identified as leftmost in the back row, and I recognize the names of Obert Rust (a friend of Dad’s), Carl Engelien (a French Creek name), and Margaret Underheim (a Hegg name) among the many listed.

A second La Crosse Tribune article from Friday, April 13, 1934, has this title: Spring Athletics Start in Galesville Schools. You must be able to guess: this is about baseball! Let me lift part of the article.

At Gale College baseball will occupy boys during the spring session. Eight boys who received baseball letters last spring under Coach Robert Bungum are again out for that work, their number including Garvin Borreson, Edgar Borreson, Bernard Scarseth, Carl Johnson, Donald Erickson, Raymond Hogden, Richard Brekke, and Sigvald Holden.

Others out for work are Paul Tyvand, Claude Redding, Ivan Enghagen, Rolf Sigurdson, Arnold Grimsrud, and Harold Dennison. Edgar Borreson will again serve as catcher for the Gale team, but a pitcher is yet to be chosen. For several years, twin brothers Garvin  and Ednar Borreson formed the Gale battery. Two games, both in May, have so far been scheduled, these to be against Whitehall High.

Newspapers made errors back then too: the battery was, of course, twin brothers Edgar and Ednar. On that same page of the La Crosse Tribune, Doerflinger’s in La Crosse was doing a closeout on “500 Men’s Dress Shirts, 59 cents each.” And in the Tribune with the choir article, Kinney’s had “Boys’ Tennis Shoes Specially Priced! 69 cents.” Those being Great Depression years, even those bargains must have been out of the reach of many. I sometimes wonder how the Borreson family managed to pay for church school educations in those years.

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1 Response to Gale College in the News

  1. eric rust says:

    My dad was Obert Rust. Thanks for posting the picture. I have never seen that one before.
    Eric Rust

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