A Marriage in Elverum Norway

As you know, Clara Borreson Cook’s family history Homestead (1980) is a family treasure without which this blog would be much more difficult. One of my intentions has been to build upon her information, eventually adding more ancestor information from Norway itself.

Recently, I had success finding Elias and Kari’s wedding information, data missing from Clara’s book. She wrote, “Born June 21, 1839 in Hedemarken, Loten, Norway, Elias moved to the Elverum Parish and later moved to Christiania (Oslo). Elias married Kari Eriksdatter in 1869 and they emigrated to America the same year” (26).

So, the first place to look for their marriage record appeared to be Oslo in 1869. The resources par excellence for this research are the digitalized parish records now online. My own challenges are 1) not knowing the  Norwegian language, and 2) attempting to read the old script. But I fumble along with occasional help from Google translations.

Some time ago, I accessed the Oslo County parish registers, saw how many there were, and immediately thought: With so many parishes, where do I start?! I checked Clara’s book again and noted they had come to Christiania from Elverum some time before they departed for America. The dates were unknown. So, I began my search in Elverum parish in Hedmark County beginning May 1869 when they departed for America. I kept going back, month by month. Nothing in 1869, the date Clara gave, but I thought I must be close.

Suddenly, there it was on page 155: October 20, 1868, the marriage of Elias Borresen and Kari Eriksdatter. The bridegroom’s father was listed as Borre Andersen, the bride’s as Erik Eriksen. Elias was 29 years, Kari 31. The witnesses were listed too, as well as birthplaces. Kari’s was Tonset but Elias’s I could not decipher.

There in Elverum parish register no. 4, 1866-1874 was documentation for Elias and Kari Borreson’s marriage. Elverum, by the way, is about 90 miles north of Christiania or Oslo, from where this couple, married just six months or so, departed for America. I’d call that quite a wedding trip.

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