Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church

The evening of Monday, August 1, lightning struck Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church causing a fire that destroyed the steeple and collapsed the sanctuary roof. One person described the interior as “gutted.” Aunt Irene forwarded a photo to me – so sad.

This church has been “home” to Borresons and Estensons from its beginnings (built 1876), including a number of you reading this post. Baptisms, confirmations, weddings, burials – how many there have been! How many seeds planted and taken root from God’s Word proclaimed here! Sid and Odell, I understand from Irene, both had worked on the steeple at various times. This fire is a sad event raising many a question for the future.

As these thoughts came to me, I remembered the beautiful photos cousin Elaine’s husband Dean e-mailed me in May. I decided to include them here as a testimony to a ministry that has spanned nearly a century and a half.

Here’s an exterior view of the church with Edgar and Edna Borreson’s gravestone in the foreground. Their committal and the funeral of Kenneth Johnson. first cousin to Edgar and his siblings, was the same day this spring.

We view the bright interior of Pigeon Creek church on the same day.

If you have very good eyes, you can find the name Borreson a couple times on this founders plaque – plus Estenson, and the Lokken name (whose descendants in Italy were in touch with this blog), and many other names long familiar in the Pigeon Falls community.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the congregation and community as their grieve their loss and look toward the future.

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4 Responses to Pigeon Creek Lutheran Church

  1. Sandra (Borreson) Kretlow says:

    A loss of a church is like mourning a loved one. I was baptized at that church, not that I remember it, but it still had meaning. My thoughts and prayers are with the members of the congregation as they make decisions of what to do in the future. Sandy Kretlow

  2. Anne Lokken says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I was in Pigeon Falls one week ago to visit the ‘lower’ cemetery! I visited the ‘upper’ church a couple of summers ago with Harold Tomter who was a first cousin of my dad’s (through the Thorson family). It is such a beautiful church and so lovingly cared for, especially the antique chandeliers. I hope the community will be able to pull together once again to rebuild this beautiful church, and I am so sorry for the congregation.

    Anne Lokken (Sigurd Lokken’s daughter)

  3. Cindy Nelson says:

    Both of my parents are buried here as are my paternal grandparents. My mother and father were Curtis and Evelyn Engebretson. My grandparents were Sina and Martin Engebretson. There are others of the Engebretson family there also. I was so saddened when I learned of the fire. The church held many memories for my father. He recalled being taken to church as a young boy and being so cold after the services. I seem to recall him saying his father brought them in a horse drawn wagen or carriage of some kind. Before he passed away, he called me and asked if it would be ok if his Christmas gift that year could be a donation to the church towards the purchase of a new furnace.He said he wanted to do it in memory of our mother. So it makes me sad to think it is gone. Living in Minnesota and far away, my memories are of the funeral services for family I attended there. I remember it being a beautiful church inside and that the ladies that served the food at the services were so good at what they did…I will never forget it. A huge part of family history is gone. I have not been there in some time. I so hope there is a plan for something to replace it.
    Cindy Engebretson Nelson

  4. Carson Taylor says:

    I just came across the terrible news. The first pastor, Emanuel Christophersen, is my great grandfather. His son Einar was the second pastor is my great uncle whom we visited often while I was growing up in Galesville in the 1950s. Together they served from 1876 until 1963. There are lots of Christophersens buried in the church cemetery.

    By the way, there is an excellent book on Pigeon Fall history by Jane Marie Pederson.
    Carson Taylor
    Portland, Oregon

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