From Taxi Driver to Record Bowler

Oh, my, the things we learn “out of school” – and from searching old newspapers. Today it’s time to give a bit of attention to Uncle Sid and share two things about him that I didn’t know: that he once was a taxi driver, and that he was also a record-setting bowler! We turn to the year before Sid and Irene were married….

In the December 27, 1949 edition of the La Crosse Tribune, an article appears, “Cab Passenger Elusive As He Avoids Paying.” About 12:14 a.m. Thursday, Sidney Borreson, driver for Town Taxi, picked up a customer at the Golden Harp tavern [La Crosse, I resume] to be taken to a farm near West Salem. When they arrived at the farm, the passenger said he needed to go into the house to get his fare. When he never came out, Sid went looking for him. The tracks bypassed the house and headed out toward highway 16 again. With the taxi sliding around the snow, Sid managed to locate him in a ditch but he could not be roused. Sid called the highway police. By the time they arrived the man had disappeared again! Tracks apparently went to two farm houses and a hired man was questioned, but twelve hours later, the case was unresolved. The last words of the article were “… and Borreson wants his money.” Sid, did you ever get it?

The next article featured much happier news.

“New Single Game Mark at Whitehall” was the article in the Friday, October 21, 1960 Winona Daily News. In his first year as a team bowler, Sid rolled a record setting 278 at the Whitehall Lanes: he missed a perfect game by one strike! Way to go, Sid! And his three-game 619 was one of only six at the lanes all season. The article concludes, “He got his near-perfect game the hard way. A right- handed bowler, he used a lefthander’s ball.”

So, there I’ve had my fun, discovering a bit about my uncle and sharing it with you all. Have a good day, Uncle Sid! Happy bowling dreams!

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1 Response to From Taxi Driver to Record Bowler

  1. judy says:

    Sid tells me he got paid for the ride from the farmer that he worked for, that evening.
    I got a job working in the office of Lutheran Hospital and being engaged, Sid also looked for a job in La Crosse. Sid worked for the taxi company a few months and then got a job at Trane Co, plant 6 and also worked part-time at the Taxi Co. Some of this was as a dispatcher. Next step was farming on my folks farm on July 1, 1951. Irene

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