Gina and Emil’s 40th Anniversary

Awhile ago, David sent me several photos and a news clipping of Emil and Gina Borreson’s fortieth wedding anniversary celebration that took place on their farm in August 1939. I split the news clipping in a attempt to make it easier to read. You may still need a magnfier.

Here are several more photos from the day. I’m guessing that David’s father Gilbert was the photographer. Am I right?

Gina and Emil in front; best man Eddie Matson and maid of honor Louise Thorpen standing in back. (I’ll pay a dollar to the first one who sends me a photo of Grandfather Emil with a smile on his face!)

The same foursome at the anniversary meal. Note that the cake is described in the above news clipping.

Guests in the shade of the house and trees at the celebration.

Automobiles of the guests parked around the farm buildings.

Besides the wonderful “period photos,” the news clipping is interesting for the names of neighbors and friends who had roles that day. We also read about where all their children were living at the time. And I discovered my father Garven was renting their place, a fact I had never known.

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