In Gina’s Kitchen

Just about anything that I might know about Gina’s kitchen has come from you who have commented to this blog. So, thank you! Since the information about foods in the family has arrived in bits and pieces, I went back through earlier posts to assemble a list of foods that were found in our grandmother Gina’s kitchen. The list is obviously incomplete and lacking in balance, but we have to begin somewhere.

On Gina’s table or cupboard, we might have found any of the following:    

  • gammelost, that is, old cheese that she made and sold;
  • pre-ost, old cheese’s younger relative – also made and sold;
  • rhubarb which she raised and took to market;
  • krub or klub, or blood dumplings (I’m not commenting);
  • grot, a milk or cream pudding;
  • lefse – we all know about this;
  • flatbread, which were stored in a barrel to eat during winter;
  • raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries she picked;
  • sandbakkels – good when the grandchildren visited;
  • sugar cookies – very large, I understand; and
  • dandelion wine, again which she made. I’m including this web source on how to make dandelion wine in the hope that someone might think it’s a good idea. If so, I’ll assist with the sampling.

That’s the short list, gathered from the memories of a few of us. Maybe this list will stimulate more recollections. I should probably add that Emil kept peppermint candies around – good treats for his grandkids and satsifying for the Norwegian “sweet tooth.”

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