Four Generation Photos

Four generation photos are usually rare family treasures, so it’s nice to have a couple of them to share on this blog. These photos cover five generations from the oldest, Maria Thorson Estenson (born in 1850 in Norway), to the youngest, three of our “Borreson cousins” seeing themselves in this post. Gina Borreson is the only person who appears in both photos.

Four Generations 1933

In this 1933 photo we have Maria Estenson (front center), mother to Gina Borreson (back left), mother to Mabel Okerwall (back right), mother to Gertrude “Ann” and Conrad (beside their great-grandmother).

Four Generations August 1960

Here Gina is flanked by her son Gilbert (left), whose son David holds his son Joel in this 1960 summertime photo. The photo was taken in Whitehall where Gina had been living since 1948.

My thanks to Conrad and David for sharing these photographs.

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