Farm Views over 80 Years

After receiving several very nice photos from the Merrills, I thought it might be interesting to do a sequence of farm photos which reveal the changes on the Borreson “home place.”

The first one comes from about the time of the photo that heads this blog, probably mid 1930s, just a different angle and better focus. Emil and Gina were farming the place with their family. One thing I wish the photo made clear is whether the barn has an addition on the near side (north) or not at this time.

The second photo I took on a hazy summer day in 1975 or thereabouts when Odell and Nan owned the place. Now the blue-shingled arch-roofed white barn has taken the place of its predecessor from 1901. I think it was built about 1961 (by my grandfather Helmer Sexe’s crew which I was part of), with an apparent addition later.

The final scene was sent me by cousin Elaine’s husband Dean, a photo taken the recent 2011 weekend of committal services for Edgar and Edna Borreson. Again you will see more changes.

Four buildings appear to have withstood the changes of 80 years: the brick house and the stone milk house on the left, a shed in the middle, and the tobacco shed on the right. Don’t these three views lead us to think about the evolution of a farm over the years? As the cliche has it, “time marches on.”

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