Farm Vacation Days

Some of us who grew up on a farm, especially a dairy farm, didn’t think the words “farm” and “vacation” could be used in the same sentence.

To live on a farm meant seven days of work, at least six days and part of the seventh. But those of us no longer living on the farm also have known the home farm as a place of homecoming, retreat, refuge, and yes, vacation. This was so for Emil and Gina’s family too – and we have photos as evidence. Take a look.

Our cousin David sent me this photo which had the album description by his father Gilbert, “Sister Clara returns to Chicago with brother Edgar.” What a great three-generational photo from about 194o – and I’m guessing the year because Naomi, held by her mom on the left, appears to be about two. Would it be another reasonable guess that Clara, Edgar, and Gilbert and family all were spending some summer vacation time back on the home farm? Look at family gathered for a quick photo before precious time together winds up and work life resumes in distant places.

In the photo we have in the front: Naomi with her mother Estelle, sister Marcia, brother David, and her cousin Richard Cook; in the back: Borreson brothers Bennie, Garven, Edgar, Ednar, Sidney, with Albert Cook held by his mother Clara, and grandmother Gina.

Here’s another photo from a similar time. In foreground, Gilbert and Estelle’s children Marcia, David and Naomi; and in the back, Emil and Gina, Estelle (I think), Bennie and Garven.

If you really doubt these photos were from vacation days, take a look at this last photo of Sidney and David, maybe from 1935 or 1936. Water, mud, and kids: always a winning playful combination!

I remember our Borreson cousins who lived elsewhere returning to visit the Fitch Coulee farm as they grew older too. If you were one of them, I’d love to hear from you. And thanks, Dave, for the great photos for reminding us that the home farm is more than about work, much more.

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