Young Cubs Fan

After making a couple baseball posts recently, I thought a “new” photo from our cousin Conrad would be right on for a quick post. Imagine: with these uncles who loved to play baseball, and then Conrad growing up in Chicago, how could our first (oldest!) cousin be anything but a Chicago Cubs baseball fan himself? So take a look:

I understand this is Conrad at six years, a Chicago Cubs fan in 1935. He writes, “My mother [Mabel] sewed the ‘C’ for the Cubs on my baseball uniform.” Okay, ball player, let’s have it! Throw it right here! As I wrote earlier, I remember my father Garven was a Cubs fan, and in his heart, I don’t think he gave that up even after Milwaukee got the Braves in the fifties. So I wonder if others in the family remember an early love of the Cubs as well? I also have seen a copy of the 1930 census in which the Borreson family had responded that they owned a radio set, so maybe they could listen to the Cubs game in Trempealeau County too? I don’t know. Of course, it was a labor of love for Mabel to sew on the “C” for young Conrad – probably no one’s buying a little boy’s Cubs uniform ready-made in those tough years.

By the way, 1935 was a year the Cubs actually made it to the World Series, but of course they lost to Detroit. I looked it up.

Late update: What does a Cub fan get for loyalty? Look at Conrad’s certificate here and learn (although a World Series win would be better).

So what can Conrad tell us? “They started this club in early 80’s but it didn’t last long. All I did was join for a small amount of money, didn’t have to prove anything. Yes, Dallas Green and Ernie Banks really signed it. Google Die Hard Cubs Club and get info. I also have a copy of June 30, 1969 Sports Illustrated “The Raucous New Cubs” that Ron Santo signed for me. That was the year they should have won it all but the “miracle Mets” spoiled it.” 

The certificate’s a dandy, Conrad, but if you had showed them your great six-year-fan photo, who knows your reward?!

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  1. Wait till you see what’s coming next…

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