Baseball and Gale College

The words “Play ball” begin echoing around the country in this springtime of the year. And I recall with affection that baseball held a special place in my father Garven’s heart. He was a Cubs fan and I remember once seeing in his possession a raincheck for a Chicago Cubs game from the thirties. Our family has a couple photos dear to us when he was on the Hegg baseball team from the late forties or early fifties. I think that love must have begun in Fitch Coulee and was later nourished at Gale College.

One piece of evidence from Gale is this photo of the team from the early thirties (1930?) which included his brothers, Ednar and Edgar. It’s the Pennant, the school’s yearbook.

The twins, Edgar and Ednar, are in the front row, as you can see. I am told they were the battery, that is, Edgar the catcher and Ednar the pitcher. And of course they had terrific nicknames for baseball, “Spike” and “Red,” respectively. I’ll be their kids could fill us in with some stories of their exploits; we’d love to hear them. Here are the two on “The Sports Page” of the same Gale Pennant.

By the way, I know other players in the team photo above. K. Underheim was Kasper who owned Hegg Store a mile or so from our home farm. His son Jim was a childhood friend of mine. L. Sexe was Leroy, an uncle of my mother’s who lived in Black River Falls. I’ll bet B. Scarseth was Bernard, whom my Dad mentioned from time to time. I’m sure S. Urberg was related to the Pastor Konrad Urberg serving the church just down the road from our farm in North Beaver Creek.

I don’t know if my father Garven ever played baseball at Gale, but I remember him telling Gale basketball stories. His regrets at being a little guy were probably real, because when the same yearbook listed the “Aim” for the members of his freshman class, the response listed for Dad was to “Grow!”

This Borreson family that had enough men for a full team – if father Emil were included – surely must have a few baseball stories that need to surface. Let’s have them – or should we say, “Batter up!”

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4 Responses to Baseball and Gale College

  1. Edgar was “Spike” & Ednar was “Red”. Also Ednar was a great horse shoe pitcher. He taught me his special way to pitch. The shoe would make a couple of twists and turns and come into the stake open every time. I wish I could do that today.

  2. Glenn Borreson says:

    Pitching horseshoes – That has to be another make-your-own-entertainment game! I remember it as part of the Estenson Sisters Family Reunion. I guess folks still do it in some places. Galesville – home of Gale College – has a pitching set-up just off the town square.

  3. Søren S. Urberg says:

    The S. Urberg (the Rev. Torleif Sigurd Amundus Urberg) in the picture of the above baseball team was the younger brother of my father, Konrad M. Urberg (pastor in North Beaver Creek). My father (Konrad) pitched for Gale between 1918 and 1921. It was fun to find the above. Thank you.

    S. S. (Tug) Urberg, Fort Wayne, IN

    • Glenn Borreson says:

      It’s been fun for me to discover how many people have been touched by the educational ministry of Gale College. I’m glad you found this post. Thanks for the comments.

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