Two Norway Birthplaces

After spending a little time around a map of Norway, I decided to share with you the proximity of the birthplaces of two of the Borreson Cousins great-grandparents. Elias Borresen was born in Loten, Norway in 1839. On the maternal side, Maria Thorsen Estensen was born in Biri, Norway in 1850. What surprised me was how close these two places were. See the map for yourself: Biri is point “A” on the left, Loten point “B” on the right. The body of water between is Lake Mjosa.

Hamar is the larger city between the two, about 11 miles from Loten and 23 from Biri. As a greater point of reference, Hamar itself is about 40 miles south of Lillehammer which you may remember as the setting for the 1994 Winter Olympics. Oslo is about 80 miles south of Hamar, Bergen 300 miles west, and Trondheim 240 miles north.

What this means, of course, if anyone traveled to these two family sites, they are less than an hour apart. In her family history, Clara mentioned that Elias was born on the “Lille Rustad” farm at Loten, and his father Borre Andersen on the “Tonset” farm at Loten. Clara further described Maria’s home in Biri dahlen as a “large valley extending into the mainland, sloping up to the mountains. A river runs through the hillsides in the beautiful country of the Vikings.”

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2 Responses to Two Norway Birthplaces

  1. Note that today there is not a bridge across Lake Mjøsa (pronounced Mu – sä) where Glenn’s map has it. Today the bridges from the west side of the lake to the east side are north at Fäberg and farther south at Gjørnik. Even today I think with a car it would take an hour to get to Løten. So, in the days of boat/horse travel it be longer, of course. Also there are some hills – although I think they could be skirted.

  2. All – I said this wrong. The bridge location is correct. Sorry about that.

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