More on Gina

Again, special thanks for Uncle Sid for being our “guest blogger” with his recollections on his mother Gina, Mrs. Emil Borreson:

“As the kid, I would go with Mother on her selling of products in Blair and Taylor. She made and sold “gammel ost” (old cheese) and “pre-ost.” She also sold bundles of rhubarb. Customers were so waiting for her to come. We went by horse and buggy through the woods, and it was dark when we returned home. One time the two horses and buggy got hung up in the woods. I guess we lost the trail. We had to walk home, and Dad and Bennie went out and rescued the horses and buggy.

“Mother made many of the Norwegian foods and baking: “krub” [or klub] (blood dumpling), “grot” (milk pudding), and lefse. She would fill a big barrel with “flatbrod” in the fall and by spring it was gone.

“When I was crying while Mother was out in the barn milking, she would take me across her knees to comfort me. She always had time for each of us.”

Thanks, Sid. I have a couple questions. How old were you at the time – four or five years? Your mention of rhubarb reminds me that my father Garven loved rhubarb sauce; did your mother make this so maybe that’s where Dad’s love of it came from? Those foods, especially the krub or klub, makes me think that folks used whatever was available on the farm, with little or nothing was wasted.

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