Sid on Fishing

Special thanks to Uncle Sid for his recollections here on fishing:

“As kids we dammed up the creek, and when a rain storm washed it out, we would have to rebuild it. We used poles, old boards, and sod from the bank. It could get up to four feet deep. Conrad loved to skinny swim (no clothes) in this water which had to have been about 50 degrees.

“Mabel and Carl came a lot in the summer. Carl loved to fish and we would get up at 3:00 a.m. Conrad was five to seven years old at the time. We would go to Lynterm (sp?) dam about two miles west of Osseo, and we would fill a ten gallon milk can with bullheads. With mother’s help we cleaned them and she canned some.

“Once Conrad wasn’t catching any fish, so Carl went over to check his pole. It turns out Conrad was fishing about two inches deep, so Carl moved the cork to about twelve inches. Then Carl spit on the bait and said “flisk” (sp?) which means “pork.” Then Conrad began catching fish, but he had to ask others to spit because he’d run out of his own spit. But he caught fish.

“Our creek got closed but Ed stated that the trout were upstream. So Odell went there and caught eight beautiful trout for our fish fry.

“Ernest [Clara’s husband] loved to fish trout, and he came to the farm with some beautiful bamboo rods. We drove Dad’s Model T truck to Vosse Coulee. There the truck caught fire and the dash burned. The truck had two decals on each side and two-inch solid rubber wheels. It got parked on the south side of the tobacco shed.”

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