Old Skiing Photos

The ski jumping post received lots of attention – and comments as well. Cousin Dan added remembrances about his dad (Ednar) and listed several places the Borreson brothers jumped in competition. Lesley noted that her father (Odell) wanted to be in the ski patrol in WWII, but was made a mechanic – and then noted their family’s skiing experiences.

To add to these, I now have a letter and five photos from Bennie’s daughter Carol, enough material in fact for two postings. The first photo comes from 1919, a group of Pigeon Falls skiers that included Bennie and his older brother Gilbert.

This photo was featured 50 years later in The Whitehall Times, February 20, 1969, and Carol tells that Bennie had placed the clipping behind a framed orginal of the photo.  The skiers were identifed by name in that article, and every name was definitely Norwegian. Gilbert is the second skier from the right, and (a quote) “the little fellow in front is Bennie Borreson.” Bennie would have been just 12 years old, Gilbert 16. These Borresons got started right early!

A second photo features Bennie in action: jumping off Stuve Hill which Carol says is south of the Trempealeau County Health Care Center. I love it! She wonders how the jump was made: Was it dirt/earthen? I’m not sure, but I’m thinking something more temporary like hay or straw, but that’s a guess.

The third photo features Bennie, number 22, along with a fellow ski jumper Karsten, number 16 (I don’t have his last name).  They apparently are standing in front of their jumping hill at Tamarack (Arcadia area of Tempealeau County).

The notes on the back of the photo are telling. The print came from Dissmore Studio in Whitehall and was stamped Feb. 17, 1930. Bennie was “22 years old” and received “3rd prize” which was “silver candlestick holders.” The date of Feb. 9, 1930 is also on the back, likely the competition date, and Bennie has penciled “large hill: I rode from the top hill on my last one.”

Well, I have more about the ski competitions from Carol – plus a couple next generation photos – but that’s the next blog. Isn’t this fun to see? All of this is new to me. “Stay tuned” for more!

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One Response to Old Skiing Photos

  1. Dennis Strand says:

    I am from tamarack . I am planning to research the tamarack ski hill and club.
    Do i have your permission to use your photo.

    Dennis Strand

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