Nice Catch of Fish!

Here’s another great photo from Conrad: a fine catch of fish was taken in 1931, or 80 years ago.

Conrad says he was two and a half years old at the time, the little fellow on the right next to his dad. With him from left to right, we have Edgar, Garven, Sidney, Bennie (all brothers), and Carl Okerwall (brother-in-law). This is Clara’s identification in Homestead.

By all appearances they had a very successful day: I count at least 20 fish – and the largest must be approaching 18 inches. I wonder a couple things. Are the fish trout? That would be my guess, but as only an occasional fisherman, I could easily be wrong. And I wonder where they were caught. My guess would be not in the stream dammed up for a swimming hole in a previous post, but could I be wrong? What were the fishing places nearby in 1931? Did this group travel somewhere, like the “northwoods” that Edgar and family liked to visit in Wisconsin?

A closer look at the photo reveals six poles, five canes stacked together and one rod-and-reel definitely claimed by Edgar! So two-and-a-half year old Conrad was probably pulling them in too. (The hats are noteworthy too, but beyond my commenting.)

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2 Responses to Nice Catch of Fish!

  1. Daniel Borreson says:

    Glenn, when I get back to Wisconsin I will send you copies of a program used at a ski meet in Strum. I know it list my dad and I think it lists another brother. The biggest jump in the area was Sugar Loaf in Winona. Dad talked about skiing there several times. He also went to Saint Paul, Minnesota with Bennie to ski at least once. I will try to get more information when I get back to the midwest for the summer. Dan B

  2. Glenn says:

    Strum, Winona, St. Paul – so the Borreson brothers took their ski jumping to those places. Thanks, Dan! If you go to the comments on the ski jumping post, you’ll find a couple more. – Glenn

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