The Old Swimming Hole

Did any of you remember talk of the old swimming hole – or better, the place itself? When I was a kid, I remember my father Garven telling about a stream on the farm that they would dam up and use as a swimming hole. I was quite envious of him and actually I thought that may have been his devious intent. We had a creek about a mile north of our farm, too, but off our property, and there was no way any of us would be tampering with that.

Then cousin Conrad sent me a copy of the photo below. I saw it and immediately knew Dad wasn’t kidding. Take a look yourself.

According to Conrad, the swimmers are (left to right): Sidney, Conrad himself, and his sister Gertrude. Don’t they appear masters of their universe? He said they had the practice of damming up this stream for a few years when they stayed on the farm for the summer. Call it making your own fun. Conrad’s guessing the photo is from 1936 – 75 years ago – probably taken by his mother Mabel on her little Brownie camera.

I remember this little stream not far from the buildings but I don’t recall if it had a name.

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