Merry Christmas! Back in January

Thanks for reading this blog since early November. It’s been fun writing the posts and a bonus when I get your comments. I did add a reunion page – it has a tab on the homepage – and even a photo from a previous Borreson family gathering. But because this holiday season is filled with so many more important things in our lives, I’m giving this a break until early January.

Here’s what’s coming: the Atlantic crossing for our ancestors, talking Norwegian, the barn built a century ago, Gale College, the “pioneer photo,” Fitch Coulee School, and more. Somewhere along the way we’ll get in Conrad’s great photos from the thirties. (That’s right, I’m not telling what they are.) I confess that the order for my posts is going to be much too random for my ordinarily ordered mind, but I keep telling myself “surprise is good.” Hope you think so too!

So, as we move toward 2011, feel free to add your comments to any of my posts (click the “Comments” word at the bottom) or e-mail me at I also welcome ideas for future subjects or old photos I might post. In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all – and a blessed New Year.

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